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frequently asked questions answered

  what is this website about?
this is the homepage of the demo group farbrausch. here you can browse and download all our productions.

you can also explore the farbrausch universe by following the links of the individual members, seeing many of the productions they made for other groups, especially before they joined farbrausch.

  is this the new pouet?
no no no.

visitors can't add productions, only farbrausch members can do that. and we will only add productions associated to us.

it is not our goal to create a comprehensive demoscene database. this is just about our demos and our history. information one step away from farbrausch will be necessarily incomplete. we might add a group who we cooperated with, but we won't fill in all members and demos of that group.

may be we will later add some unrelated productions that we really really like, but even then adding productions is limited to farbrausch members. we don't want to interfere with pouet, and actually we could not if we tried, the members only interfaces of this website are really ugly :-)

  why does this website look so familiar?
we want to thank the pouet team for allowing us to rip their web design and graphics.

shaping our groups homepage in the style of pouet is surely confusing and a little bold, but we could not resist the temptation

it started with the idea to give visitors a way to comment our productions, and then someone joked that we can steal the pouet source and be done with it. Everyone laughed but in the end we did it. Instead of stealing we rewrote the thing, using only some HTML and graphics from the original website. And of course the essential ideas and feeling.

it is our plan to change this website into something more ordinary and less confusing, but for now we enjoy our little prank.

  what are the user levels?
every websites ever created started with just one user, the coder, and it does not need user levels to cope with that. but today, most websites are created with the hope that they attract millions of users (actually billions or thousands, depending on your ego), and it is obvious that most of them are trolls. so you need user levels. on this site, the rules are as this:

level 0, LAMER: 'lamer' is an old fashioned word for troll. lamers have no rights.

level 1, USER: this is what you are when you create a new account.

level 2, FRIEND: most modern web 2.0 sites have really robust code. this one has not. some very important features of this site are so badly coded that we only allow people who are known to be friendly towards us to use them. as we invest more time into web coding instead of demo coding, some of these very important features might be available to users. somehow most coders in this group prefer demo coding to web coding, otherwise they would start a career at SAP.

level 3, RULER: every farbrausch member is by definition a ruler and can do almost anything on this database. if you find a non farbrausch member at ruler status, then you might think we respect him/her very much.

level 4: ADMIN; an admin can do quite a lot of damage by just pressing a mouse button when the mouse is positioned over the wrong spot of the screen. by definition, admins are rare and coders and very good friends.

  what are glöps?
the word 'glöp' describes an ancient token of gratitude. in the old days, the possession of glöps made the owner proud and self confident.

today, the possession of many glöps makes the owner greedy and vicious. it seems that awarding glöps is the best possible way to trick people into doing work that would otherwise have to be payed in euros or dollars.

on this website, every user who is associated to a scener that has contributed to a demo gets glöps, ensuring that the amount of demos increases while their quality seriously decreases. the admins of this website ensure that the formula for calculating glöps changes frequently, so that whatever effort you put into getting more glöps becomes useless.

of course, in many ways, euros and dollars are just glöps.

  what is the difference between a USER and a SCENER?
there are USERS and SCENERS. USERS are persons with an account, SCENERS are members of a group that create demos. You can associate many SCENERS with an USER, like fiver2 and theunitedstatesofamerica with thomas mahlke.

the whole idea of this is that we can collect information about sceners that don't have a user account here.

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